The Rising Kitchen Industry

The Indian kitchen market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country today and this is precisely because of the growing demand for Modular Kitchens. We are witnessing a very fast growth for modular kitchen and kitchenware in the urban cities. The homeowners are very specific with their requirements of how their kitchen has to be. It is the important functional part of your home and therefore people are ready to spend in making their kitchen look brilliant with modular fittings and fixtures rising the aesthetic value along with ease of use. Modern homeowners are now taking pride in designing and then flaunting their exclusive modular kitchens!!

Industry Reports depict a sales of over 10000 modular kitchen units every year. Sales are predicted to rise over 10 times in the next 4 years if they continue to maintain their current year on year growth rate of 50%. A prominent reason for this growth is efficiency and ease of work. A large percentage of our population is working class. In this fast paced environment, Modular kitchens offer convenience, efficient use of space, and less time-consumption to most of today’s homeowners. Therefore we see a huge surge in demand, and there is a scope for both domestic players and international brands.

Manufacturers who can offer Value for Money to homeowners with creative designs, compact yet adequate, multiple choices, customized and most important affordable kitchens will sway in the industry. Simultaneously there is a growing demand for Kitchenware and Kitchen appliances. This is also a fast growing sector now. Homeowners are looking for variety of choices, applications, designs, etc all with aesthetic value and yet pocket friendly with ease of use.

So its apt to say that modular kitchens are the face of today and this is going to remain the same for a long time to come.