The ‘Ready-made’ Trap

In a world of assembly line manufacturing and efficient product turnover, home interiors are no stranger to a market of ready to use solutions. These ‘all for one and one for all’ style furnishings flood the markets; offering attractive, but sadly unimaginative solutions for customers. Their ease of availability almost always guarantees popularity too, as most people would understandably opt for a hassle free, fast and readily available home plan if it means speeding up their furnishing process. Everyone who has ever built, repaired or remodeled their home will know exactly how valuable an easy fix can be, especially when faced with a plethora of seemingly similar but different or completely alien selections to chose from. In the face of having to make these decisions by yourself, without the benefit of relevant industry knowledge, it’s easy to get tempted by a one-stop shop ready-made fix! It almost seems like the obvious option to go with. But here is why ready-made might not necessarily be the best choice.

Let’s consider the example of buying a ready-made modular kitchen vs. customizing one for your new house. At first glance the former might seem to be a rather lucrative option. It could promise to be relatively less expensive in terms of on-site labor, have a quicker over all project time owing to most of it being ready made and even promises a certain standardization in terms of quality and finish of the product. All of this seems to make for a super breezy project, almost too easy, until you really stop to think about how much control you have over your new fittings.

A kitchen can be a rather subjective space in your household. Unlike a living room or a bedroom where furnishings can be plopped on whims and fancies of the inhabitant, there has to be an order in the kitchen. More importantly, an order and workflow that makes sense for you. The biggest loss in any ready-made project is the lack of space for customization. Your new kitchen would be entirely at the mercy of an uninspired, rigid brand which offers no scope of customization. You might even find yourself surrounded by fancy, over priced equipment that you have no use for, and have no idea what to do with.

The kitchen is also arguably the most creative space in your house. A space dedicated to a function that goes beyond nourishing appetites but also spirits and the creativity of the cook, the artist! What an irony it is, then, that this very space of creation should be mass-produced into identical little boxes and cabinets. Even the tiniest of change or alteration would require a massive upheaval of delicately laid installations that go in any modular kitchen. To do this after installation is not only cumbersome but also promises to be expensive, as the risk of doing so without a specialist on site would be detrimental to the whole project.

At Metrika, our specialists strive to uphold this very creative spirit in every homeowner. We believe that your home is a reflection of yourself, and it should highlight every facet of your unique personality. We try to uphold that idea and create a space with you, made specifically for your vision, keeping in mind your specific needs. After all, why compromise when you can customize.