Stack it your way with Modular Wardrobes

Modular wardrobes are the imperative household item in the room for everybody. It’s critical to have a proper place to store and sort out all your stuff. Your modular wardrobe is designed to your prerequisites and your necessities in co-ordination with your bedroom design.

The most popular designs of modular wardrobes are freestanding wardrobes, wall mounted (ceiling to floor height) wardrobes, Sliding door wardrobes, Walk in wardrobes and Customised wardrobes.

The criteria to choose modular wardrobes is its inner compartments, design, material, finish and type. So here we begin with inner compartments.

Choose the pattern of inner compartments like straight shelves for stacking your clothes. You can organise all your formal wear, daily wear and stack it on the different shelves. You can have a hanger area for hanging your party wear like gowns, blazers, sarees, etc.  One part of the modular wardrobe can have deep storage area for stacking your woollens, heavy dresses, etc which you wear occasionally.  Other side can have column storage to hold heavy items. Drawers are also very precisely customised to hold all your accessories. You can have small divisions in order to hold all your daily wearable’s and you can fit in straight drawers to hold your files, etc. Shoe rods are placed at bottom to keep all your footwear. You can have pull outs also instead of the rods. Not to forget the Safe vault which can be placed in the middle corner to store your valuables.

Now talking about design, material and finish which may differ from person to person but it is prominent aspect which has to be carefully selected. Depending on your choice of shades you can select the light oak shades or dark mahogany. The doors have to be free and light while opening or sliding. Needless to mention but the edges are smoothened at all corners to avoid any injuries and give you the perfect finish you desire. Knobs and handles will all add up to the look of the modular wardrobe.

Modular wardrobes are manufactured with great precision to your necessities in order to help you organise and store all your stuff and enhance the décor of your room.