Smart Kitchen ideas that’ll make you want to cook

If the very thought of entering the kitchen gives you a headache, it’s time to refresh! Cooking is a pleasure as it engages all your senses and beautiful kitchen decor is a very important part of the process. If things are in order and look beautiful, the kitchen will become your most favorite place in the house. Here are some tips to help you get a modern modular kitchen you’ll absolutely love.

Use your island platform as storage space

Hide your kitchen linens, dinner sets and single-use items under the island. You can use the cabinets on the sides to store away the big pots that you only use once in a while.

Collapsible dining table to save space

You can turn your modular kitchen into an eat-in space by extending the counter-top from the edge of the island design. And slide it back in when you don’t need it.

Show off your designer utensils

If you have a collection of copper cookware or a set of bright and colorful kitchen stuff, hang it from a rack. The display of these beautiful sets adds a part of your character and taste to the kitchen decor and you’ll instantly feel at home. It also frees up cabinet space for you to store in more.

Choose designer knobs

Knobs might feel like the most nondescript part of your home decor but they add instant glamour to your overall setting. Modern modular kitchen designs take these finer aspects into consideration to give your kitchen an instant refreshed look.

Cozy up your space with rugs

Who says rugs are only for living rooms and bedrooms? Place matching rugs on your kitchen floor or add a splash of brightness with a colorful rug – your choice. But darker colors are preferred for easy maintenance of your designer modular kitchen.

Build a bookshelf for cookbooks

Your kitchen will become instantly homely with a small bookshelf to store your cookbooks. Contemporary modular kitchen designs are user-friendly and allow enough space for everything you need in the kitchen.

There are plenty of ideas to turn your kitchen around and make it your most favorite place. Get in touch with the specialists at Metrika. We have modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad.

And along with your kitchen, you can get a spruced up designer wardrobe too to make your home more stylish.