Smart City Living

Chasing the big city life comes with its own set of adventures, none bigger than the challenge of fitting a functional home into a decidedly ‘urban’ space. While the compact home does put your space management skills to task, it’s nothing that can’t be resolved with some creativity and a bit of consulting with experts. Here are some quick tips to master urban home planning, and truly own the big city lifestyle-

Break and Make

A large empty area that is sparsely furnished might look big, but it leaves much to be desired. Large does not equal to better, especially not when you can get so much more from the same space. For example, a good idea to get more out of your living room is to break off a smaller section and use it as a private study without sacrificing on precious space. This does not have to be walled off, but instead can use a mix of some lovely floor shelves and plants to demarcate the area and replace traditional walls with a more free flowing layout.

Flexible Fixings

There is an evident social and economic change that can be observed in current familial structures of urban India. Atypical and nuclear families have replaced the traditional large families and their structured homes. Accordingly the homes of today have to play catch up to these rapidly changing dynamics, with flexibility being the call of the hour. Flexible fixings have evolved from a quirk into a necessity for the urban home, merging creativity with functionality. Modular fittings with multi functions, wall mounted desks, expanding dining tables, adjustable sofa cum beds, storage friendly furnishings, are all essential to this shift. Not only do these innovative solutions maximize on utilization of space, but they are also apt for the changing needs of a nuclear family.

Use the walls

The lack of multi-purpose corners in a compact home can be a challenge, especially when it comes to kitchens. Sometimes, all you have is a wall to work with. This is where wall mounted furniture and modular fittings can be utilized for efficient utilization of space. Vertical storage and smart compartmentalization with a few modular tricks can further boost this limited space. Trained space consultants at Metrika can help you identify and explore underutilized corners of your home, enabling you to get more from your home.