Senior Friendly Retirement Homes

Our senior citizens today have an altogether different idea of retirement. They have worked hard to support a life centered on independence and activity, and they intend for that lifestyle to continue even after retirement. This has led to a dramatic shift in the concept of old age homes in our country.  Retirement now simply refers to a new phase in life, one that our seniors intend to enjoy thoroughly. One has to simply look at the sprawling market for retirement homes in Tier 1 & 2 cities, like Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, etc where old age homes have come a long way to accommodate for self-sufficient and active living for our senior citizens.

These homes are designed to cater to a separate set of needs from that of a traditional city home, calling for age friendly décor and layouts. Here are some quick tips from our consultants at Metrika to design a flawless living space for the elderly-

Living space-
Contrary to city homes, retirement homes tend to have more living space since they are situated away from the hustle bustle of the city. This extra space, however, must be dealt with carefully. Minimal décor is the thumb rule while planning this space, to ensure an obstacle and clutter free environment that is integral to reduce any chances of tripping. Fixed furniture for the larger items like the sofa, bed, dining table is also a good idea to maintain a consistent path of movement. Calm and happy colors like peach, butter yellow, mint green, etc also make for excellent choices to brighten up the living space.

Bedroom Furnishing-
Certain furnishings in the house have to progress and adapt to senior living, and this is especially true for the bed. Aside from choosing a suitable mattress, the height and the shape of the bed are important as well. A taller bed is easier to get in and out of, and it is essential to avoid sharp edges and jutting corners.

Skid resistant flooring-
As vision and motor skills impair with age, it makes our elderly very prone to slipping and falling. Since India’s climate doesn’t allow for carpeted flooring, it is essential to ensure that your choice of wood, tile or marble flooring for the house is appropriately skid resistant. This is especially important for the bathroom area.

User friendly wardrobes-
An often ignored, but equally important aspect of planning for senior citizens is easy access to everyday items. These are not the people who would prefer to bend or reach to grab an item, and their wardrobes need to be designed to allow for simple accessibility. This calls for easy slide doors, large compartmentalized drawers, or even a pull down rod to access the higher level.

Retirement homes have to be designed with the very specific purpose of enabling a hassle free lifestyle and easy living for the elderly. Planning for these homes requires age friendly design and furnishing that our consultants at Metrika are trained to provide for. We can cater to your specific lifestyle requirements, to best enhance your living space.