Reimagine Your Modular Bed

The average millennial’s lifestyle today is not what the generation before them were used to. They move from city to city, changing jobs and apartments at a breakneck speed, cramming in time for everything from finances, career, personal and social lives into the little space they have. This almost nomadic life does have its fair share of consequences upon their lifestyle, carving a whole new, dynamic way of living for the current generation. Now, more than ever, maximization of space and flexibility is on the consumer’s top priority list. This sets the perfect stage for modular furniture to take over the market. Living in the city, especially, poses it’s share of challenges. Sure you are in the middle of all that’s happening but the most common sacrifice here is space. Fitting everything you need and still having room to breathe poses a serious challenge today. Our consultants are Metrika offer creative solutions and techniques to help you deal with exactly such situations. Here are 3 quick hacks to maximize even your sleeping area, to get more than just a good night’s sleep out of your bed.


1) Dresser as a footboard

This time tested and resourceful trick is a great solution for smaller apartments. They not only serve as a good seating spot, but can also accommodate anything from spare linen to warm seasonal clothing all tucked away under a nice cushion seat.


2) Storage shelves to frame the bed

Why not maximize that extra wall space, starting with your bedroom! Especially when your bed unit with storage shelves around the headboard can act like your own private library accessible from the comfort of your bed. This is also a great spot to store the smaller personal items that may not have much space in the washroom medicine cabinet.


3) Under-bed drawer as a pullout

The space under the bed is a magic savior for almost any and all storage requirements. You can use this by installing a higher bed, or even designing a pull out drawer under the bed frame. Trundle beds are especially a great savior for smaller bedrooms. These are single or double beds that can be expanded by pulling out a slightly lower bed, as and when required.