Positive energy flow

Home is a special place where you find peace and calm from the entire chaos. It is very important to have the positive energy flow around you. Your home is the heaven for you and once you are at home, you want to be at peace with your own-self and your loved ones. Some of the facts that will the positive energy flow in your house are


Keep your house tidy and maintain cleanliness.

Don’t keep broken things, fix them.

Don’t retain non-functioning watches or clocks

Sharpen the knives regularly.

Door should swing freely while opening and closing.

So the intention is maintain your house well and house will take care of you.


Kitchen and your cooking stove are of great significance as they produce energy and provide health and wealth to entire family. Hence they must be treated with respect and maintain them very well.


Do not stack up your house with unwanted things. Keep things that you use regularly. Your drawers, cabinets, storage areas should be kept clean and maintained well. If you use things regularly – stack them easily accessible and the ones that you don’t use often – stack them on higher levels.


All the counter tops should be kept clean. Do not leave left overs on the kitchen top or dining table or coffee table, etc.


Things in your house should be well organised. Keep like with like. Similar things like tea-coffee jars, towel-shampoo-soaps, bedsheet-pillow covers and likewise should be stacked together for ease.


While organizing your things maintain the look, size and order. Keep tall things together, keep short things together, keep things you need often in front and the ones that you need less should be placed behind. These basic points help you manage your house well without glitches and enhances the overall positive energy flow in your house.


A beautiful piece of art might add up to the vibrancy of your house.