Myth buster Monday : Modular means High Maintenance

Consumer perception is sometimes a real challenge for newer products in an emerging market, and modular homes are no stranger to this conundrum. It’s a vicious cycle when your consumer decides to staunchly hold on to a certain idea and refuses to adopt a new product, without every trying it, based entirely on a vague opinion caught over drifting conversation. The only thing that can be done in this situation, is to educate your market and dispel as many myths as you can along the way. A common myth concerning modular homes is that modular indirectly means high maintenance. This is so far from the truth. Unfortunately, being untrue never stopped anyone from dispelling myths like facts.

Many people seem to believe that while modular homes may be less expensive to build, the real costs crop up in the long run owing to higher maintenance charges and upkeep. This is the irony, as due it their superior manufacturing process and construction quality, modular homes are actually a lot easier to maintain than traditional on-site homes. Not only does their upkeep cost significantly lesser, even the cost of heating and cooling the homes is cheaper. This is mainly because the house is effectively constructed with individual modules that have their own vents and can be individually operated when required. In climates that need constant heating or cooling, this saves tremendously on utility bills as you only climate control the required areas. An added benefit of a modular construction process is that because most of the manufacturing is done indoors, your building materials are not exposed to the elements before the protective coats are applied. The manufacturing process it totally controlled so any potential issues of material deterioration or mould can be avoided from the get go.

Modular homes combine high performance solutions with effective technology and at Metrika we help our customers understand that high performance isn’t directly proportionate to higher costs or maintenance. We personally guide every client in selecting the most durable, pest resistant, and energy efficient construction material to avoid any potential maintenance issues in the future. Our manufacturing process is built to guarantee maximum performance with minimal maintenance, saving you the hassle, time and money that you would otherwise spend on an on-site construction. At Metrika, we help you chose right and build smart so your new modular home is as secure and durable as any building out there.