Myth Buster Monday: Modular is unsafe

Myth Buster Monday:

Modular is unsafe

Despite being around for more than half a decade, there are still a lot of preconceived notions and negative connotations associated with modular homes amongst the masses.  A common mistake is confusing the word ‘modular’ with ‘manufactured’ or ‘mobile’. This contributes to the idea that modular homes are shoddily constructed, with cheaper material made to last temporarily as compared to the traditional site built construction. This could not be further from the truth. Most modular fittings are designed and manufactured in factories with the highest standards of quality. In-fact, studies suggest that these manufactured parts are built sturdier than on-site homes. This is because each module has to withstand transportation from the site of manufacture, usually via trucks, to the area of the construction site, which can be a significant distance away.

A lot of this has to do with market education and perception. Site built construction subconsciously triggers a perception of permanence, security, and quality. When someone is ‘building’ a home, it is automatically understood that this is being made to last. That it is a permanent structure with a sturdy built and foundation. Modular homes, in contrast, are perceived to be more of a temporary solution.  Often times this is because they are confused for mobile homes, which are indeed temporary in nature. This is a significant issue that can only be solved by consumer education, a mission that we lend high priority to at Metrika. Our team strives to go the extra mile in an effort to convey the significance of modular construction and its durability.

Not only are modular fittings designed with an enhanced user experience in mind by a team of dedicated designers and engineers, it is also built specifically for the climate, region and consumer in question.  Assembly lines in factories that build these modules also allow for standardization and reduction of excessive wastage of raw material. Not only does this give us more sustainable building options but also allows us to build with superior building material in terms of quality and durability. All of this enables us to lead you into the future of housing, that promises safe, energy efficient and customizable homes.