Myth buster Monday: Modular is Minimalistic

The current trend in home d├ęcor is a bit partial to the whole minimalistic look, but we understand that might not be for everyone. Some people naturally prefer a warm, cozy look to their home while others feel that a Spartan theme helps them organize better. Whichever it might be, modular furnishings can fit right in with both these requirements. It is a myth that modular furnishings cater only to the highly futuristic, sleek, and edgy market and we are here to clear any lingering doubts on the same. The purpose of the modular furniture is to optimize space and functionality. Once you decide on the kind of furniture you want to go ahead with, our in-store experts help you add the finishing touches for the final look and feel. You can choose amongst an array of textures, colors, and finishes to complete your final look. Let us compare these two furniture settings and discuss how they implemented the modular furnishings while maintaining two very different styles.

Muted and minimalistic

A U-shaped seating arrangement makes excellent use of the cavernous living room, filling the space up without looking too clunky and providing ample seating for everyone while at it. The ottoman is a crafty attachment that can be added on to the arrangement to form a sofa bed for the over night guest, or put away while entertaining to free up floor space. Arrange it any way you like, there is no denying the utility of a sectional when paired with an ottoman, not the mention the additional storage they supply. The row of shelves make the perfect backdrop for this look with ample space to showcase some interesting collectibles, or store your favorite books, all the while accentuating the muted color scheme with some darker tones.

Quirky and vibrant

This setting jumps out with its vibrant hues and colors and all the objects in it that could potentially become chaotic, but are held masterfully in place by putting the walls to work. This modular setting wastes absolutely no space and manages to look clean and clutter free while easily encompassing all those belongings in neat little boxes. The color scheme contributes to this feeling of calm control by playing with the cooler hues, making for the oasis of peace in the living room. The accents make good use of the pop of color to bring out this contrast between the greens and stark whites, which lend a futuristic but cozy vibe to the whole room.

The beauty of modular furniture is the flexibility with which you can plan and optimize your space. At Metrika, our design consultants help you make all these decisions from step one, to finding the right textile and color match for your look.