Myth buster Monday : Less Furniture Equals More Space

In the world of home décor, several myths line the obstacle course in the never-ending race for space, but few are as often repeated as this one. This commonly held belief perhaps has its roots in the argument that more furniture leads to lesser floor space, leading your vision to bounce from object to object, making the room feel chaotic. The myth states that more the empty space, the larger the room appears when in reality, unless this empty space is set aside to serve a particular function, it is not going to be of much more use than to perform hypothetical cartwheels. While the idea of having a cartwheel friendly space available in your living room might sound great, in reality empty spaces feel tiny. It may sound counterintuitive, but if you have ever moved from one home to another, you will be familiar with this phenomenon as you gaze into stark empty space before locking up and wonder how everything ever fit into it.

There are several tricks in the old book for optimizing space, ranging from lighting hacks, to clever wall usage, but here we will focus on modular furniture ideas that save more space than they occupy. At Metrika, we believe the right sized pieces and their placement goes a long way towards making your room feel bigger, brighter and cozier.

Our space engineers strive to uphold the essentials. A lot of space saving hacks talk about compromising with a single bed, doing away with the dining table in favor of a coffee table, or eliminating comfortable living room seating. While these ideas may be essential for cramped studios, most medium sized spaces can allow for at least a modified version of the essentials. For example, allow for storage under your bed, or even above the bed frame, prop a sectional seating against a corner, opt for an expandable dining table that can be extended for company and switch to nesting furniture pieces, like stackable stools, chairs, side tables that can be opened up when required. Flexibility with space and form is the very essence of modular furniture, and at Metrika we can help you customize a furnishing plan suited for your exact specifications.

At Metrika, we endeavor to blend practicality with décor. We believe that a well-planned house wastes absolutely no space. Every wall, nook and cranny is put to work for maximum optimization. Open shelves and cabinets can transform dusty corners into airy nooks with basic décor, while adding a pop of color and additional storage! You can store eye-catching art, pictures to personal belongings giving your home a unique style and feel. These will make your space seem infinitely friendlier and less like a temporary living situation.