Myth Buster Monday: A Small Kitchen Is A Cramped Kitchen

The kitchen is akin to the pulse of your home, but too many times this sacred space is the first to be compromised especially in modern apartment style living. Traditionally, the kitchen supports the very sustenance of the household, bringing the whole family together, witnessing the practice and exchange of intergenerational culture and often even serving as an outlet for culinary creativity. Unfortunately the kitchens of today are restricted to a closet sized room, or worse, a one sided wall. Luckily, with the help of our R&D consultants at Metrika and some modular creativity, even a small kitchen space can be a promising canvas with these 3 quick tips.


* Counter space always.
If yours is a small family, a traditional dining/coffee table would only further cramp a small kitchen. Consider replacing this with a breakfast bar that can provide some extra counter and storage space by serving as an island when not occupied, while also adding a touch of sleek décor.


* No storage, no problem.

The first rule of storage is to utilize every last nook and cranny, and this includes vertical space. Height is your friend, why create inevitable dust traps above your cabinets when you can invest in a step stool and utilize those precious inches for storage. Customize shelves and cubbies to fit according to your space, and keep your counter clutter free. If customizing a storage unit, opt for drawers over cabinets for mid level storage of smaller items like cutlery, crockery and spices, while stowing away larger appliances or lesser used items in bottom cabinets.


* Maximize order to minimize chaos.

The best planned kitchens ensure a proper work triangle, but this isn’t always possible with single wall kitchens. In this situation, organize an assembly line of storage, prep, cook and so on. This order will organize the workflow and prevent clutter.

A smaller kitchen is usually more challenging to plan than a larger one, because there is zero space for wastage or error. Our experts at Metrika study every aspect of this space from the floor plan to the size of appliances used to customize an optimal workflow best suited to your family’s requirements.