Multi function With Modular Beds

Our consumers live in a world of tailored functionality, and we understand that. As 21st century consumers, we want more from our daily essentials and we want it now. From an audio speaker that also acts as a virtual home assistant to our phones that also help manage our lives, multi-functionality is the order of the day. Then why stop at beds? Metrika brings you the ultimate bed that not only guarantees a good night sleep but also serves your waking hours with its super functionality. Here are 4 reasons to multi function with modular beds:


1) Change up your room!

A modular bed is perfect solution for when you have those sudden bursts of creativity and decide that your space absolutely needs a makeover, and it needs it now! Engineered to fit your every need, this bed can be switched up to suit with whatever look you are going for, be it a classic bed by night or a compact living room seating by day.

2) Sitting to sleeping, as easy as 1-2-3

Can’t decide where that lazy Sunday brunch ends and those naps begin? Choose no more! With our modular beds designed to change with your mood, your couch can turn into your bed and back in the span of seconds.

3) Fit your needs

Urban living comes with its fair share of restrictions, not the least of them being space. With modular beds, gone are the days where you fit the bed you need according to the space you have. At Metrika, your needs are the priority. Our beds help you maximize your space, ensuring that you don’t ever have to compromise on your hard earned sleep.

4) Store some more

Our modular beds take it a step further with their ingenious design that also serves as a storage solution. Whether you store excess bedding underneath the wood frame or use it as storage for the seasonal woolens, there is space for everything. At Metrika, our futuristic modular designs help you create space in your home that you didn’t even know you had.