Modular vs. Site-built

With Modular homes being the buzzword around town, let’s get down to the nitty gritty details of what this really entails; more importantly, how modular homes stand up against the traditional ‘site-built’ homes. Essentially, modular homes differ from the site-built homes on several aspects, but the basic differentiation is that a modular home is built in parts, off-site. This is usually a factory like setting with an assembly style manufacturing unit set up. Let’s discuss the 4 key elements upon which a comparative study between the two can be made:


As discussed, a modular unit is constructed in several different parts in a separate location, post which they are then assembled on site by a professional. Due to this, the process with a modular home is usually inside out, as compared to the traditional home building process where carpenters work outside in. The old school method is to build the exterior and then work on the interiors, whereas with modular homes the interiors come first.


Contrary to popular opinion, modular homes are built with the same material used in traditional home construction and any variance depends entirely on personal choices made during the selection process. Infact, most modular construction companies buy their material at bulk pricing, thereby being in a position to offer better rates for material. At Metrika, we try and inject efficiency at every step, including the selection and buying process. Unlike construction sites, we ensure against excessive purchase of material that is a drain on budget as well as resources.


More often than not modular homes are also more time efficient than site built ones. Traditional construction projects regularly fall prey to weather woes and human errors, all of which cause unforeseen and potentially indefinite delays. Modular homes are constructed in climate-controlled environments, in a process that is usually mechanized so as to minimize error and maintain a strict level of standardization. At Metrika, we consider it our responsibility to not only ensure quality but also speed of delivery.


Our team at Metrika strives to achieve this very efficiency in time management and quality control, which when combined with our prior knowledge and expertise helps us work within your budget line. On-site constructions can be an unpredictable process with unforeseen expenses, and modular homes provide the perfect solution on the basis of being able to create a standardized model repeatedly, over and over again.