Modular kitchen designs for small spaces

Wouldn’t we all love a palatial kitchen to accommodate the entire barrage of friends and family for every sundowner! But let’s get real. Hoping for the real estate prices to drop is an incorrigible dream. So we’ve come up with ingenious ways to redesign our tiny spaces to look like there’s plenty of room for everyone.

What’s an ideal modular kitchen?

A contemporary modular kitchen design offers plenty of workspaces for food preparation, and enough storage so that no dabba or utensil is left outside. The electronics need to be set in their space so you can use it whenever required, everything should be at arm’s length. It should be easy to keep clean of everyday kitchen messes and clutter. And along with being functional, it should enhance the beauty of your home and fit comfortably into the decor you already have.


Phew! Sounds like an impossible task, no? Well, not really. With some clever design features and modern fixtures, your kitchen can transition into a modern modular kitchen that’s a coveted mix of elegance and functionality.


Install False Panels

You don’t want a cluttered counter we know that. When the counter is full with your appliances, no matter how clean you keep them, the whole kitchen looks messy and the environment is stressful. However, you need your small cooking appliances handy when you’re dishing out those yummy items in the kitchen.


You can keep your appliances conveniently tucked away behind false panels that blend seamlessly into your cabinetry and keep your kitchen looking tidy and uncluttered. This way you can easily access all your appliances with just one pull.


Shelves and Compartments

You don’t have to throw away your utensils to make your kitchen look clutter-free. Instead, you can sort your pots and pans, dishware, measuring tools, seasonings and ingredients, and everything else in shelves and further into compartments to make sure everything is organized and easy to reach. You can also add extra work surfaces in the form of pullout tabletops disguised as drawers for big parties.


Roll-out Shelving

Keep your trash and the smell tucked away in a pullout cabinet especially designed for your modular kitchen. A similar pullout option can be used for storing wine, right under your kitchen counter.


Convenience, utility, and elegance can truly coexist in a kitchen of any size, with our design expertise. Contact us now to get the kitchen you’ve always wanted.