Modular Kitchen Accessories

We have been talking a lot about Modular Kitchens and now it’s time for some insight. The most important aspect of Modular Kitchens is it’s accessories which make it most compatible, efficient and appealing.

  1. Drawer Inserts

Drawers are of maximum utilization as we stack all our ingredients, bottles, small utensils, crockery, food stocks, etc. Do not complicate things rather organise your kitchen just like you want it to be. Moreover, you can customize your drawers as per your needs.

  1. Roll out Cabinets

These are the full-heighted cabinets which can be used to store bigger utensils like spatulas, crockery, pans, lids etc. 

  1. Slotted Wood Block/Knife Cavities

For your daily kitchen equipment the slots can provide great convenience. You can easily store knives, spoons, forks, etc in separate compartments and find them easily when required.

  1. Pegboards or Dividers

Pegboards within drawers allow you to use the drawers as per your needs. You can easily fix horizontal dividers based on the storage items like pots, lids, etc and store your cooking utensils conveniently.

  1. Open Shelves

Open Shelves look amazing and you can display your beautiful kitchen crockery and accessories. It can change the entire décor and elevate the look of your kitchen 

  1. Glass Shelves

Elegant, appealing and eye-catching are the most apt words to define glass shelves. It is easy to locate what you have kept in there and they are simply beautiful. 

  1. Built-in Dishwashers

Yes they are expensive but are highly efficient and designed to give your kitchen that perfect look. It saves you the entire hassle and clutter. The very messy activity of cleaning the utensils is well managed by a dish-washer and keeps your kitchen mess free.

  1. Corner Drawers

For the utilization of space or to cover the corners, the corner drawers are used and are mostly installed diagonally. You can use them as your storage. 

  1. Pull-out Trash Can

Well pull out trash is a good option for utility and at the same time hide the unattractive bins.