Modular Kitchen: 5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Modular kitchens are a step up from the traditional kitchen in terms of enhanced style and functionality, but only when done right. Make a mistake and you’re stuck with a pretty but impractical layout that causes you grief every single day. Designing a modular kitchen requires knowledge and experience, which is why bringing on a professional for advice is always a great first step. They know all of the modular kitchen mistakes and pitfalls, and help you navigate your way to a resplendent and intuitive design. Here are 5 common pitfalls that often occur while planning your new modular kitchen, but can be easily avoided:

1) Style vs Utility

It is easy to get carried away with a design that doesn’t translate to your available space. That stunning island counter might look a great idea, but does your space allow it? Or would it be a forceful installation that makes the kitchen look cluttered. The point of any well-designed work zone, like the kitchen, is open space. Cramp this with narrow aisles or kitchen islands and it will directly affect your utility.
2) Overtly Minimalistic

Less is more and spartan living is in, but don’t let these great concepts confuse minimalistic design for no design. A lot of design thinking is implemented when constructing a space that looks aesthetic and clutter free, while still retaining all its functionality. The very concept of modular kitchen is to create space and conceal it. We create much required space out of corners, nooks and crannies while making them invisible to the causal observer, thereby creating a minimal vibe.
3) Accessibility

A well-planned kitchen goes beyond the obvious ease of storage and operation. It requires careful planning for the seemingly innocuous but integral details like access to a water outlet, sink layout, cabinet fittings, electric outlets, waste management and disposal, sufficient air ventilation, lighting, material of the counter tops, etc. It’s an exhaustive list but with careful planning and supervision you can have a space that checks all the boxes.


4) Aesthetics

The gorgeous all white, glowing kitchen which sounds and looks like a perfect fit can be an easy trap to fall for. The same holds for delicate kitchen counter tops that might not stand the test of time. Ask your advisor for durable materials that are bright and can also take the pressure of everyday tasks like cutting, copping, heat, banging, etc. Ignoring the kitchen backsplash area is a common mistake here. The space behind your stove is a hot spot for grease, leftovers and bacteria accumulation that needs to be covered by tiles or other easy to clean surfaces like marble, granite, glass, etc cover it, instead of just wallpaper. Our advisors at Metrika can guide you over the pros and cons that come with each material.


5) Foregoing Expert Advice

Successfully navigating every pitfall on your own, and getting it right the first time may not be impossible but is much harder than it needs to be. Having an expert opinion saves you time, money and most importantly all the worry that is associated with building your dream kitchen. At Metrika, we take care of our customer’s every requirements right from the design, planning, and selection to installation.