Modern Kitchen Designs

The popular modern kitchen designs today every home maker would include in their Modular Kitchens are following :

  • Pull Out Cabinets – Pull out cabinets help us organize and utilizes every inch of your cabinet space. The cabinets are designed so week that they can accommodate the smallest thing to  your heavier accessories with minimal efforts on your part. The functionality of cabinets is designed to minimize your efforts. They are sturdy yet smooth in operations. It is suggested to have pull out cabinets below the kitchen counter top and door cabinets overhead, to make things more accessible in your kitchen.
  • Corner Sink – The kitchen corner is often the toughest space to utilize, whether its inside the cabinets or on top of the counter. A corner kitchen sink can be a good way to utilize the corner. Corner sinks are now being manufactured in India by brands such as Nirali, and are easily available. Corner sinks also add a unique visual appeal to your kitchen.
  • Magic Corners – Magic corners is the most apt way of utilizing corners in a very smart way. You can hide the corners and utilize them in a rather productive manner. Designers are also giving out numerous creative options to utilize the corners in most unthinkable options. These magic corners are gaining rapid popularity with the home makers and have made a significant impact these days.
  • Dish Drying Cabinet – A dish washer and dish drying rack over the sink makes life absolutely convenient and the water falls into the sink straight. The front can be concealed to maintain the stylish look thus keeping your kitchen clean and clutter free.
  • Drawer Systems/Organizers – This is one thing that needs careful planning. Organizing here means finding a spoon or a fork at the right place. Modern kitchen ideas make your drawers clutter free and every thing is well placed in it’s own designed place, may it be a small spoon or big rice cooker. All you need is minute detailed planning.