Kitchen Renovation Modular Style

Designing the perfect kitchen layout for your family depends on so many variables, right from the space available, resources, and time to individual preferences. Any decisions to do with the kitchen are always a high stake job because this is one of the most integral parts of a household. The kitchen needs to be, at once, both work friendly and aesthetically beautiful to bring in the right balance required to tie the house together. Keeping in mind the space constraints in urban regions, planning a compact kitchen just right has become an increasingly important skill set. It often requires even more expertise and careful planning because of the specific requirements that need to be met in a limited space. The aim of a modular kitchen is to help with this very situation, as it is designed to squeeze out every last inch of space available and utilize it. While not everyone may have the luxury of building a whole new kitchen from scratch, it is still possible to incorporate at least some aspects of a modular kitchen into your own, and optimize its functionality. Here are 3 quick and easy hacks to renovate your kitchen and bring it into the 21st century.

 Storage – Switch to all drawers and no doors.

Cupboards are infamous for loosing smaller items in their depths or wasting tons of vertical space. Opt for easy to operate pull out drawers, which can help you look chic and organized while also saving you from hours of rummaging around. Put even your walls to work with smart shelving, while you are looking to optimize storage space. Our experts at Metrika can help you establish your ideal clutter-free kitchen with plenty of storage solutions and enough elbow room to spare.

 Countertops – Maintenance friendly above trendy.

Countertops are a great tool to boost the aesthetic value of your kitchen, but they also serve a very practical purpose of preparation and handling of food items. For this reason, it is imperative that the material used must be, above all, easy to clean. Since it is also going to bear the brunt of the occasional heavy knife or a hot pan, it should also be durable and sturdy.

 Backsplash – Easy to spot and easy to clean.

Always ensure proper cladding of the area directly behind the stove, aka the backsplash zone. Installing a wipe friendly surface, which also serves as an opportunity to highlight an area of the kitchen, can easily prevent this eventual accumulation of grime and bacteria. At Metrika, we help you chose between our wide range of accents, laminates and countertop selection to find the perfect fit that brings out the best in your kitchen.