Kitchen Measurements one must follow

Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Follow a few key measurements to make your kitchen a more comfortable place.

To start with, our basic kitchen structure is initially laid by the builders and it is important to follow the key measurements like the Kitchen counter height, Kitchen counter depth, equidistant parameters, spaciousness, light and ventilation, etc.

The optimal counter height for the Indian women is 3 feet. This height has to be proper because this surface is where you do all cutting, chopping and preparation. The appropriate parameter is the distance between counter surface and your elbow has to be 4 inches not more….

– If the height is inaccurate it will affect your back and shoulders

– This distance is important so while frying the oil does not splatter at your face height.

– Only for tasks like kneading dough, etc you might need and little lower surface to execute the pressure properly but in this case you can manage it by sliding the plate at a distance where you can execute pressure properly.

Another important aspect for Kitchen counter is its depth. The standard depth of the counter is 2 feet. Again, if the people are short, the depth can be made a little less like 18 inch to have better access to the wall cabinets. If the Kitchen area is small then you can have 18 inch Kitchen counter depth to have better moving space.

Spaciousness is an important aspect and you have to have a good moving space within the kitchen else it will be very cramped up.


Your Kitchen has to be well lit. So make sure the kitchen has big window which will ensure good natural light as well as it will take care of proper ventilation. The air flow in your kitchen has to have a proper path so the bad air can move out and fresh air can move in giving you all the energy to cook great delicacies.

The wall cabinets of your kitchen has to be placed at a proper distance from the Kitchen counter which is like 2 feet for easy and better access.