Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning for a kitchen renovation, the following pointers will help you plan better.

Material used in most kitchen cabinets are often made of particleboard, fibreboard, plywood, etc. Wood is used very rarely since it’s expensive.

Particleboard which is made up of wood shavings, sawdust and other wood by-products glued and pressed together. It is most commonly used for kitchen cabinet’s material internationally.

Fibreboard popularly known as MDF, is a high-quality material made from finer components than particleboard. So MDF is superior to particleboard in terms of shape, strength and surface.

You should be careful in choosing the proper quality of boards since there are lot of cheaper versions available and they are not good for the long run.

On the other side Plywood is a layered wooden composite material. Its structure is sturdy and hence it is long lasting.  So you will find Plywood is used for kitchen cabinets on a very large scale and such a cabinet made of plywood covered with veneer on face is sturdy and appropriate for kitchen use.

There is a misconception that wood is better for cabinets which is not the truth. Wood is not at all good for Kitchen cabinets since it absorbs moisture and then swells up. On the contrary, plywood is apt due to its characteristic like uniform strength, sturdiness and it withstands moisture better. Even boards are good product when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Boards are covered with laminate or veneer over it and they give extra-ordinary look.

Finally, wood finishing also has an essential aspect in determining the caliber of a kitchen cabinet. Factory finishes are always superior that those local carpenter finishes as they use automatic machines and achieve superior finishes.

So now you know your kitchen better and you can plan your renovation or new kitchen accordingly.