Junior Goes Modular

Durable, economical and space friendly is the holy trifecta that modular furniture is based upon. This coupled with flexible furniture customizations, cool accessories and fun textiles, enables Metrika to design truly inspiring modular creations for you as well as your child’s needs. Our pieces are modern, practical and long lasting, whether you pick a bed, storage unit or a wardrobe. At Metrika we take great pride in our furniture being durable, versatile and user-friendly. We undertake strict measures to ensure that our products are always synonymous with these traits, as they define the kind of work that we stand by.

We want out modern design solutions to enhance your child’s natural curiosity and encourage them to play and explore their creativity. This is why Metrika applauds innovation and ensures top-notch quality of design and materials used in every project. Research has suggested that not only are modular units versatile, but they also encourage young children to experiment with space and form. These designs are usually built for a cohesive whole, often slipping, joining or sliding together to create a sofa, sectional, wardrobe attachment or a kitchen storage solution. Especially when aimed at children, this design can lead to colorful and playful furniture solutions for young, developing minds. Modular furniture helps them develop spatial awareness from an early age, encouraging creativity and innovation in their day-to-day life.

One of the primary frustrations around planning for your kid’s space is that they seem to constantly be outgrowing it. With modular furniture, it is now time to invest in furniture that grows and develops with your child, keeping up with their ever-evolving needs. Every child is one of a kind, and their unique personality can only be boosted by flexible modular furnishings that can accommodate their one of a kind space. As always with children, also comes the eternal struggle of space, and what better than a furnishing solution that also doubles up as additional storage. At Metrika out design consultants strive to provide you and your family with options that best fit your requirements and space, helping you optimize at every step of the way. From seating cubes that also function as storage boxes to pull out desks from the side of beds, get the most out of your child’s space and let their imagination run wild with it.