How to enhance your room with perfect wardrobes

There are three main possibilities of choosing wardrobes:

U shaped wardrobes

L shaped wardrobes

Straight wardrobes


The ‘L’ shaped wardrobes are placed between two walls. The ‘U’ shaped wardrobes, on the other hand, occupy three walls, but they look good. Trend shows that straight wardrobes are the most functional choice, since they provide maximum storage with some extra space for a mirror always.


The wardrobes has to compliment the décor of your entire room. The style of your wardrobe is very important in order to style and enhance the décor of your room. The style has to be simple and sophisticated.


Your wardrobe has to equip all your necessities and accessories. It has to be well planned and well organised. It is very important to design and plan your wardrobe to your exact requirements. Decide the number of shelves, hanging space, drawers, etc that suit your needs. This is very crucial else even having a most stylish wardrobe but that can’t fit in your requirements will end up into piling up things in wardrobe creating a complete mess. So spend proper time and design the wardrobe that suits your requirements.


Your wardrobe small or big, U shaped or L shaped must be well lit and no corner should be left dark. There has to be proper lights given inside in order to make every corner visible and easily accessible.


It is a good idea to have open closets but the very condition of keeping it well organised at all times puts you down and is not popular with many. Also dust being another issue in this country, open wardrobes are not preferred.


Other aspects to enhance the look of your wardrobes are double-folded montage doors, or a nice curtain with lovely pattern or frosted glass is also an effective solution to cover the wardrobes and they appear stunning with proper lighting.