How to design your own Kitchen

Here are some specifications and tips which you can implement to design your own kitchen in the most stylish and planned manner.

First and foremost is to design the entire modular kitchen cabinet to your specifications. You have to plan every space as per your needs and utility. Decide on how many pull out drawers you require and what will they carry. Your drawers also should have proper partitions to stack all small and big things. Design other small and big compartments to best suit your needs.

Everyone has a specific style of organising things, so you don’t have the rights and wrongs here but all that is required is to plan the placements in detail. Every drawer has to be planned in such a manner that it is well organised to keep small spoons and big ones separately, bowls properly, etc. What I mean to say here is that you have to specific and plan your design as per your suitability.

Your kitchen countertop has to be properly designed. Things that matter here are that it has be spacious and accommodate the necessary equipment. Your can have a walled counter top or free counter top in the centre. Place it correctly in order to make your kitchen look spacious. For your daily requirements you may plan the open shelves especially to keep tea, sugar, salt, etc in order to pick them easily whenever required. Do not stack up your counter top, keep it minimalistic to give a perfect and rich look.

Redefine your kitchen with some cool ideas like having a stylish triangle corner with small chairs which can be your perfect tea corner or you can have heighted stools near the counter top to share a cup of coffee or juice over it.

Choose the most ravishing lights for your kitchen. A perfectly lit kitchen will give the most stunning look. Avoid dark corners. Your main cooking area has to always have bright and strong lights.