How to choose kids bedroom Furniture

If you’ve been thinking to redecorate your kid’s bedroom, furniture is the foremost crucial thing to look for; after all, we all want furniture that is durable and also child proof in terms of safety and the most importance – which makes the kid happy


While selecting furniture for your kid’s room, you should make sure to consult with your kid and involve them in the decision making process, depending on their age. Let the kid give you ideas regarding the type of colors they want or the kind of bed they want.


A kid’s bedroom is a place where they will spend a lot of time drawing, painting, dropping things and having crazy fun. You need to make sure that the furniture will be able to take it. Good quality solid wooden furniture is a must. Proportions should work for your child – lower and wider is better than tall and narrow. You need to make sure that the paint is non-toxic and the furniture doesn’t have sharp edges.


Let’s check out the topmost things you need to consider while buying furniture for your kid’s bedroom.


1) Items that are fun: – You can select a lot of fun items like a bed designed as a racer car or princess themed chairs and desk or a colorful bean bag to decorate the room. You can select a theme for the room and then select the furniture accordingly using vibrant colors or rainbow colors making the room happy and colorful.


2) Items to display :- You need to design the furniture in such a way that there would be plenty of space to keep valuable items like artwork from school, photos of friends and family, a special place to keep all the trophies and awards. You can also add a book shelf as a piece of furniture to encourage the habit of reading


3) Items that serve multiple purposes: – Kids these days are highly active and it’s difficult to keep up with their energy. Hence, it is fantastic if the furniture suits the kid’s personality. Benches, tables, beds and desks with storage suits this very well. Hide-away drawers and baskets provide extra place to keep away games and toys from the floor and makes the room look spacious.


4) Homework Furniture: – Keeping a separate area for playing and studying inculcates positive habits in the kid. Having a particular space in the bedroom dedicated only for studying creates a positive impact and it is very less likely for the kid to get distracted while studying. Homework furniture should involve a firm study table with a good quality chair and a pin board.