How to choose a Modular Kitchen

The growing demand of the modular kitchens is on the rise clearly. People from every segment are looking for comfort and efficient kitchen space in their home. Kitchen is no more just a cooking space for the ladies as it was earlier. Today the kitchen is used by every member of the house and so the concept of modular kitchen is evolving so fast. Hence the bottom line is kitchen has to be more friendly and comfortable to everyone in terms of finding things, storing things and very important is with less wastage of time.

To suffice to this emerging demand, METRIKA offers experts support by providing clear, detailed documentation and drawings. Experience the thrill of designing your own kitchen with your own ‘personal’ designer. You can select and customize the accessories, cabinets, materials, colours and appliances as per your requirements and tastes. The most common kitchen designs are

– L Shape Kitchens: L shape kitchens have two panels meeting at 90 degree, giving it the L shape. L shape kitchen utilizes less space than a C or G shaped kitchen. They offer great storage options and with adjacent walls making it a popular design amongst the people.

– U Shape Kitchens: U shape kitchens also known as C shape kitchens provide storage on all 3 sides, ample movement space and a large work-top. These are best suited for spacious kitchens and requirement for large movement space and cooking space both.

– Straight Kitchens: Straight kitchens are most suitable for smaller kitchens. They are extremely well-planned and well-structured to make maximum space utilization offering sizeable kitchen top with wash area and storage underneath.

– Island Kitchens: Ideal for open kitchens and lounge areas, these kitchens have enough space for even 2-3 individuals to cook together. They give more storage and planning space, and at the same time offer extraordinary usefulness, and alluring looks.

– Parallel Kitchens: Parallel kitchens offer great utility using two parallel walls thus dividing your kitchen in two halves. They provide you good space between counters for free movement. Ideal storage and good segmentation of the area and utilities.

Look no further, your one stop shop for all your kitchen needs is METRIKA.