Hardware used for Modular Furniture

This is a segment which people in general are least aware of. One is really not aware as to what material, what quality, what hardware should be used in the making of modular furniture. Let me tell you Hardware is a prominent segment and it decides the smoothness and effortless working of your modular furniture.

There are many different materials which can be used like, Telescopic channels which are most commonly used in modular furniture. They allow your drawers to open fully so you don’t have to struggle to get that jar or bottle out, which is at the back of the cabinet.

Another favoured option is the hydraulic hinges that allows smooth and effortless opening of your shutters. The options available in these hinges are from a 90 degree hinge or a 165 degree hinge. The most common usage of 90 degree hinges are in the regular cabinets while 165 degree hinges are ideally used for corner cabinets. The function of 165 degree hinges is to open the folding doors of your cabinets easily and smoothly.

There is one more type of hinge which is Smooves. This is a special design of hinge which has a similar mechanism but are of very high quality. These hinges are of premium quality and give you a flawless performance. Needless to say that they are very expensive but worth every penny.

Let’s talk about the Grass channels, they are as smooth as butter in their operation and they close just at a feather touch. They will never bang when they are shut, so that means you just don’t have to worry for its rough handling.

Now finally I would suggest you to avoid bottom-mounted channels because these channels do not allow the drawers to open fully. The rear 4 to 6 inches of the drawer remains inside which is not ideal.