Go Fab with Prefab!

Modular homes, also known as prefabricated (or prefab) homes are the latest word in the world of housing markets. They are the product of engineering marvels and eco-friendly solutions, paving the way for modernization in construction. The cherry on top of this skyrocketing cake is its ability to work with a tailored budget, custom design and time frame. Here are 3 reasons to adopt the prefab way of life-

1) Eco-friendly:

It is almost expected of a construction site to overrun it’s stipulated deadline, wasting valuable resources such as time, money and raw materials before finally coming to a completion. The whole point of a prefabricated house is that this entire process of construction is mechanized to the point of zero wastage. An assembly line like solution ensures minimum wastage of materials, going as far as reusing and recycling leftovers to optimize resources. This is, any day, an improvement of debris lying on the roadsides of construction zones, leftover as fodder for landfills.

2) Energy efficient:

As the name suggests, modular homes and fittings are made of little modules assembled at a factory in order to form a larger unit. Due to mechanization of this construction process, these fittings are finer, with a sleeker finish, providing minimal gaps that allow for tighter fits. This in turn allows for better insulation in walls leading to more efficient energy utilization. As for furniture, modular fittings make way for a cleaner finish with a longer lasting efficiency. Since they are constructed in a controlled factory setting, these materials are also protected from environmental hazards like moisture and dirt, making for furniture that is sturdier and lasts longer.

3) Fiscally responsible:

Any construction is a huge financial undertaking on the bearer, with significant investments of money as well as time. This is where the most significant advantage of prefab construction comes in. Despite its unfortunate perception of being too expensive, modular fittings are actually much cheaper in comparison to their traditional counterparts, especially if you customize it in accordance to your requirements. Our consultants at Metrika are readily available to help you pick and choose your materials and style, to tailor make fittings exactly as per your requirement and within your time frame. With our experts guiding you across a thoroughly pre-set process, we also help you overcome problems like finding a carpenter or dealing with pesky contractors that charge you over time for truly underwhelming services.

Whether your reasons to go prefab are a result of being environmentally conscious, fiscally wise or even just based on whim, you really cannot go too wrong with modular fittings. Customers who work with us for their modular requirements are able to enjoy enhanced efficiency in quality of work, material and utilization of resources at hand. Prefab homes and modular fittings only get better as we constantly improve our manufacturing process and make way for the true future of the construction industry.