Get the wardrobe you need, in the budget you have

You must agree that a wardrobe is a sacred place. Cause it holds all the good things in life – your clothes and shoes and accessories and whatnot. Then why do piles of clothes keep lying on the chair? That’s because most wardrobes are not built to help organize your stuff. You may initially deem a wardrobe to be an unnecessary purchase. But once you see how well your stuff can be organized into one space, you’ll know that it’s the best purchase decision you have made this year.


Purchasing a wardrobe isn’t as simple as going online or wandering into your neighbourhood store and picking out the first unit you see. Wardrobes are a long-term investment as they add personality to your room and will travel with you wherever you go.


But how do you go about choosing the perfect wardrobe for you and your living space? Here’s a guide to choosing the right wardrobe for your need.


What do you want to keep inside the wardrobe?


First make a list of all the things you need. It’s important to identify how many shelves, drawers and hanging space you need to keep all your stuff inside.


How much space do you have?

Don’t we all want a walk-in wardrobe spread out in an extra room where we can play dress up? But we need to be realistic. Don’t be in a situation where you find your dream wardrobe after much searching and then realise that it won’t fit in your space.


Make furniture plan for your room and understand how much space is assigned for the wardrobe. Make sure to measure from floor to ceiling, wall to wall, and the distance between where the wardrobe will be and other items of furniture in your room. Don’t forget to allow for clearance space for doors. This will make it easier to purchase made to order wardrobes or premade wardrobes that will fit perfectly in your space.


What type of wardrobe is your type?

After you’ve decided the size of your new wardrobe, you can now think about the type you need.


Two-door wardrobes are the most common type of wardrobe. It’s for basic use as it has a hanging rail, a shelf above, and sometimes a drawer at the bottom for shoes and other small items.


Three door and four wardrobes are the bigger version of the two-door wardrobe.

It has the same features as a two-door wardrobe but with added shelves and hanging rails. If you’re a couple or a single person with large amount of clothes, this is the best choice for you.


Sliding door wardrobes are the smart choice for people who want to save space. The interior of a sliding door wardrobe depends on the size but you can have hanging rods, shelves and drawers in the bottom.


What is your budget?

Purchasing a wardrobe doesn’t necessarily have to mean emptying your bank account. After you have figured the space required, and the type of wardrobe you need, it’s now time for the monies you are willing to spend on your wardrobe.


Look for a wardrobe that is durable, stylish, and has enough storage space to meet your needs.


You can get in touch with our experts to help you choose the wardrobe you need, and the one that fits in your budget.