Furnishing For The Festivities

Year-end in India translates to a plethora of festivities every other month that bring with them a spirit of celebration with friends and family, but can also mean a ton of work on the home front. Right from the pre festivities sprucing up of your home to making space for overnight guests or that ‘surprise’ visitor, it is important to be prepared for it all. Here are some quick tips and tricks to own this festive season and manage the chaos of it all like an expert-

Plan for more
More is less for the Indian family, and this holds true for gifts, gatherings and most importantly food! There is no cap on the limit of fun gatherings that we plan during this season, then why have a cap on the number of people you can host at once. Bring in an extendable table for your daawat, pull out your sofa to seat more guests for those long game nights and scatter some fun floor cushions. Planning for more can only help ease the chaotic days of festivities while making sure everything and everyone is accommodated comfortably.

Wrap it up
Festivities mean guests and guests invariably mean kids. Whether you plan for them to come over or not, expect turbulence in the house and put away your breakables. Furniture that can double up as storage help you multitask here while assisting your guests as well as storing your precious pieces. Some nifty floor seatings, beds and couches with storage, as well as closed cabinets are all essentials while planning for the holidays.

Carve out a corner

While the festivities surely promise a ton of fun, they can also be overwhelming. It is just as important to steal a few moments of peace and quiet amongst the chaos of hosting, for some precious ‘me’ time. Solace might be hard to find when you don’t have the option of retreating into your room, but can be solved by carving out a corner that is out of bounds for guests. This can be blocked by a flexible floor shelf and some plants and even double up as a study room for when you want to get some work done but not be entirely cut out from everyone and everything.

We hope these little hacks might help you get through the excitement and hullabaloo that come with the celebrations, and wish you a beautiful and happy holidays from our family at Metrika, to yours.