Easy guide to your perfect modular kitchen

The kitchen is perhaps the most integral yet often overlooked part of your living space. While planning your dream home, it’s easy to get distracted with big picture items like décor and furniture while overlooking cumbersome details like waste management, exhaust vents and utility based storage systems. The kitchen is that unique multi-purpose part of the house which serves a specific function (meal preparation) while also doubling as storage, cleaning, and sometimes even a small sitting space for the family. Each kitchen varies depending upon the space available and the requirements of that family. An efficient kitchen requires careful planning and supervision from the time of conceptualization to completion. Planning a kitchen can be intimidating because you want to utilize every square inch of that space and still have a clutter-free look. This is where Metrika comes in! Our job is to help you plan those little cumbersome details so that you can focus on enjoying the big picture stuff. We walk you through the whole process step by step, customizing the perfect solution based on your individual requirements. Here’s an easy guide to help you get a basic understanding of this process-


Step 1: Measure it 

As a rule of thumb always start with the measuring tape and then plan, never the other way around. Even the most basic plans require an understanding of the space available to best utilize it. This means choosing between different layouts like a U-shaped, L-shaped, parallel, or full rectangular kitchen, storage space, space given to countertops vs appliances, deciding on seating in the kitchen, etc.

Step 2: Plan it 

This is where creativity meets utility to make way for the perfect design solution. At Metrika, we can help you chose from a range of themes, colors, materials, storage units and modules to find the best fit for your specific requirements.

Step 3: Perfect it 

Did you know that a well-planned kitchen would always have the refrigerator, stove and sink form a perfect triangle. This is called a work triangle. It’s our job at Metrika to offer you these ergonomically correct solutions to ensure cohesive workflow.

Step 4: Finishing touches 

Crucial finishing touches like planning for adequate lighting, power outlets, waste disposal, ventilation or utilizing that corner space are important elements in a modular kitchen. At Metrika, we live and breathe the little details so that you can plan your space stress free!



Planning the perfect modular kitchen can be tricky but it doesn’t have to be impossible. With the right guidance, it can be downright easy. It’s important to get experienced consultants guide you right from the start, that way even your most basic questions such as what color/ pattern would best enhance my kitchen space to what counter top material would be most durable are covered. When it comes to utility-based solutions that are trendy and efficient, think Metrika.