Designing For The DINK Family

At Metrika, we make it our business to know what trends are around the corner, so as to best serve our clients. The burgeoning movement of nuclear families in an increasingly urban India has carved the path for a phenomenon of DINK families, i.e families with Double Income No Kids. Back in the day, the norm for newly married couples was to spend a brief year or two on their own before starting a family. Even at that, the burden of financial security fell mostly upon the husband, for better or for worse. Only a few women worked post marriage, and even fewer after starting a family. With a change in lifestyle, metro cities in India are observing a shift in priorities as well. An increasing number of women chose to focus their energy on developing their professional life and couples chose to remain a twosome for 5-10 years before starting a family. This has direct significant changes on their lifestyle too, as both the partners earn a comfortable income, preferring to live an elevated lifestyle with lesser responsibilities.

This new market, populated mostly by DINK couples, nuclear families, migrant young professionals all have one thing in common-transience. This leads to an inevitable shift in preference whilst choosing pieces of furniture for their homes. To match this market of young professionals with disposable income and a penchant for mobility and flexibility, our designers at Metrika have developed a range of aesthetically pleasing and stylish furniture. As consumers, we are steadily moving away from large, traditionally bulky designs, towards a more practical and Scandinavian inspired aesthetic. A newly married or DINK couple may prefer to set up an elegant home, with minimal decor and furnishings that might not be entirely child friendly, but has the capacity to be extended for expansion, even if just for an overnight guest that might benefit from a pull out bed. The same couple, a few years later, might have a shift in lifestyle that prioritizes maximum utilization of space, storage and sturdy kid friendly furniture. Even later, this same family might sacrifice a corner in the common room to set up a study area with a pull out desk and chair.

The challenge for furniture companies today, is to recognize, identify and cater to these changing needs of the population. Much like the people of urban India, even their homes need to multitask, and this has never been easier than with modular furniture at hand. At Metrika, our consultants help you identify your family’s need for today, while planning for tomorrow.