Creative designs for Introvert Personality

Yeah it’s true the décor of your place defines you as a personality which means every individual loves the interior as per their own preferences. These preferences are basically related to their personality. So here we are talking of design preferences of an Introvert.


An introvert is a person who loves more time with his/her own-self. They love their own company. They enjoy spending quality time with their own self. They are very particular in getting things done to their choices. They are very peace loving people. They do not like the chaos, clutter or loud designs. Everything should be well organised and they love lot of free space.


So now when we have known their personality traits, we will now see the kind of designs they like. For an introvert one should use calm and cool ambience with sober colours and nice décor. The place has to be well designed with proper arrangement of furniture. They are very particular about security, so one can use heavy doors to compensate the subtle design and for security aspect as well.


They believe in ‘me’ time so a nice meditation room, garden or plantation can be to their liking. Such niche carved for them adds a lot of value for their own self. They are task oriented and disciplined hence they would love to have well planned and well organised furniture.


On the creative side, walls can be decorated by a magnificent painting, a sculpture or a defining portrait, a piece of art that gives a wealthy look or a walk down the memory lane depicting family photo wall will be adored by such people.


Last but not the least a terrace garden with lovely plants, covered with pergolas or a pathway defined in the luscious grass will be very attractive as they would admire such heavenly creation.