Creating Counter Space

These are the two magical words that everybody wants to hear while planning their kitchen. While it is definitely a challenge to achieve extra space of any sort, you might just be surprised at how much space can be salvaged by careful planning, even in the smaller units. Our space management and design experts at Metrika offer 4 clever tips to optimize your kitchen walls and corners, in order to free up the maximum counter space.


  • Open Shelves & Wall Accessories:

    It is a myth that open shelves make for a messy, sloppy kitchen and should be avoided in favor of cabinets. These shelves, in fact, serve as a multi purpose solution for storage as well as display and win major brownie points for accessibility! A well designed storage rack can be the highlight of your kitchen, or at the very least organize your essentials like spices, sugar, salt and tea/coffee to be at an easy arm’s reach. Wall accessories can easily store your everyday regulars like the milk pan, a frying pan or family’s favorite mugs. Not only does this save you time, but it also makes your kitchen look organized and orderly.

  • Corner sink:

A corner sink is the wonderful result of innovation marrying practicality. Corners are notoriously unusable black holes, and installing a large sink in one such corner is a great utilization of this space. Not only does this give the kitchen a dash of a modern twist, it also conveniently provides for a larger in-built waste management space for below the sink, which can take care of the day to day wet waste in a sanitary manner.


  • Tall Units:

A rule of thumb while planning to maximize smaller spaces is to utilize every wall. Vertical spaces are your friends that will provide the perfect solution for long-term storage, pantries and kitchen supplies. Tall kitchen units with built in shelves are integral to a modular kitchen, as they organize all your items while giving your space a clean look. You can even plan and organize these units depending on the nature of your supplies, varying between depths and heights of different cabinets. Beautiful lighting, and state of the art drawers can enable optimum storage, enhancing a regular kitchen to a modular one.