Corner Solutions

Corners can be a particularly challenging area to design, be it in your kitchen, bedroom or the living area. The challenge lies in designing that nook in a manner that doesn’t just utilize the space, but also highlights it. If done properly, a corner can lend a beautiful aesthetic that can quickly become your choice of spot to relax and de-stress in, or at the very least be an efficient organizational solution. Here are three solutions by our design experts at Metrika, that can help you better utilize your corner space-


  • Kitchen Corner:

    Kitchen corners are a notoriously pesky area to plan. In this situation, your primary goal is to achieve organizational efficiency and maximize storage. A lot of traditional corner kitchen cabinets have this space at the back that is practically unreachable. You can flail all you want in its dark and dusty depths,  yet reach nothing but an organizational nightmare. This unused space practically begs to be utilized and a modular corner solution is the best way to optimize it. Our kitchen planners at Metrika can walk you through an array of clever storage solutions that can solve this problem for you and make every last inch of space available for your storage needs.



  • Highlight:

A corner space in your home can be more than just a storage solution. It gives you the opportunity to get truly creative, and can be designed to reflect your personality. This can be achieved in a multitude of ways, ranging from a multi functional modular cabinets that also serve as a coffee table for two, or a corner sofa seat with a floating bookshelf. Our space engineers at Metrika can assist you with design plans customized to your exact space and needs, and help you explore the potential of your corner.


* Clever Closet:

If there is one thing we can’t get enough of, it’s closet space. A corner is a great solution for storing those bulky seasonal coats, extra bedding, or linens for guests. This way, your “in-case essentials” don’t have to occupy your precious wardrobe space and can still be accessible at a moment’s notice. Innovative storage solutions in this closet can maximize all your vertical space as well, making room for some much required long term storage items like suitcases that don’t weigh as much, despite their bulk.