Cleaning Tips for your stylish Modular Kitchen

Your stylish modular kitchen, equipped with the all modern amenities requires your attention in terms of timely cleaning and maintenance. Your Kitchen is used daily for cooking and hence it is bound to accumulate dirt, oil, dust, etc. So cleaning it becomes mandatory it order to make it last longer.


Your modular kitchen’s daily cleaning schedule includes


Clean your counter top with disinfectant daily to keep it fresh and odour free.

Avoid dropping water on the doors as it will spoil them.

Do not scrub your counter top with sharp objects or hard scrubs. Instead use nylon scrubs to avoid scratches.

Use soap disinfectants and avoid using any sorts of chemicals as they can damage badly.

If you drop oil, food, etc, while cooking wipe it immediately to avoid the stains.

Keep your cabinet closed while cooking so the insides do not get sticky and greasy.

Wipe your utensils properly before keeping them in the cabinets to keep your cabinets rust free.

Also wipe the floor daily to keep the cockroaches and insects away from your kitchen.


Depending on the frequency of your use, you need to clean few things weekly like –


Deep clean the inner linings of the wall tiles with a brush.

Clean your refrigerator and keep it spacious to keep the air flow normal.

Do not dump too many things in your refrigerator & keep everything covered to avoid foul smell.

Clean your microwave and get rid of stains and marks to keep it sparkling new.

Clean your cabinets from inside and remove the dirt and dust accumulated there with sponge.

Garbage can needs to be washed weekly with hot water to keep away the bad smell.


Follow this monthly schedule to get rid of deep stains that generally go unnoticed –


Empty your cabinets and deep clean with hard scrub to remove all the oil, grease, dust and dirt gathered.

Clean all your water taps with scrubs and remove all the stains and marks.

Deep clean your counter top in each and every place and avoid the scratch marks.

Clean all your appliances with soft cloth to maintain the shine and look.


Other things like Chimney, exhaust fans and drainage pipes should also be cleaned in 6 months or a year depending on your usage to remove the deposits and enable them function properly.