Cheat Sheet To A Modernized Kitchen

A perfect modular kitchen has to maintain the precarious balance between functionality and aesthetics. The modern Indian kitchen, armed with the latest technology is well on its way to master this balance. With careful planning and intuitive design, today’s kitchen achieves its 3 key objectives of easy meal preparation, seamless workflow and intelligent space management. However, the secret to smart kitchen lies in its accessories that greatly enhance the functionality and efficiency of the space. Our experts at Metrika have assembled a quick cheat sheet of the more subtle kitchen accessories that will not only help you modernize your space but also simplify the work processes and organization in your kitchen.


  • Roller Shutter Units:

    Counter space is arguably the most precious commodity in your entire kitchen, and there never seems to be enough of it. Swing doors of cabinets waste even more of this potential counter space when they can be easily eliminated by installing roller shutter units. These give a modern and clean appearance and serve as excellent storage and/or display space! Show off your beautiful crockery collection with a translucent shutter or store away the endless snack supplies behind opaque ones.

  • Lift Up:

These are two-part doors that fold in the centre and lift upwards when opened. It makes for an efficient solution for tall wall cabinets with large doors, as the handle stays within reach even when fully opened. This makes utilizing the vertical spaces of your kitchen easier, making way for more storage and helps you skip the pesky foot stools. At Metrika, our designers can help you combine different materials and door styles to achieve any range of look and finish.


  • Soft Close Drawers:

A soft-closing drawer means that it glides into its space when pushed only up till a certain point, and then the inbuilt hydraulics take over. This no-touch, silent system is crucial for households where younger children are at risk of pinching their fingers in sliding drawers. These drawers also add a subtle, yet classy finishing touch to a modern kitchen, lending to it an eye-catching elegance.


  • Plate And Cutlery Organizer:

One of the most stressful aspects to a busy kitchen is the inevitable mess of accessories and equipment that gets strewn across the place. Spatulas, chopping boards, spoons, knives and plates are equally important in the preparation as well as the serving process and need to be accessible at all times.  Limited counter and cabinet space often make this accessibility difficult to achieve, and this is where modular solutions step in. Trays and cutlery inserts are key in achieving this efficiency as they can separate and organize a variety of your equipment, subsequently easing the workflow.