Build your dream wardrobe with Metrika

The wardrobe is a space that houses most of your every day belongings and clothes, ranging from the usual rectangular structure against the wall, a rod with a few hangers on it or a stack dumped over a corner chair. Considering its part in the intense time struggle that is everyone’s morning routine, the wardrobe is woefully underappreciated and often a complete mess. A customized wardrobe designed to suit the owner’s every day needs not only saves a significant amount of time getting ready in the mornings, it also proves to be easier to maintain and organize in the long run.

Here are 4 simple ways your modular wardrobe eases your morning routine while maintaining your design aesthetic:

* Functionality:
Modular wardrobes are best at ensuring smart and resourceful utilization of available space.  A good designer knows how to infuse even the most limited space with functionality and style, paving the path for usable products with optimum utility.  At Metrika, we make it our business to study our customer’s space, preferences and lifestyle before recommending tailored solutions to fit their needs. Your new wardrobe should be an extension of your personality and décor, fitting seamlessly into your daily routine and the rest of space.

* Personal touch:
There is no standardized wardrobe layout that fits one and all. Some of the ready-made wardrobes often come across as beautiful pieces, but with regrettable space allocation or shelf distribution. With a modular wardrobe you can not only chose your exact color, texture and finishing material but also customize the depth and width of shelves as well as rod placements. Fit your new space to organize your beloved shoes, bags and outfits instead of the other way round.

* Exclusivity:
A wardrobe is a deeply personal space that is completely open to the vision of its user, a blank canvas waiting to be filled in. To fit this with run of the mill cubes is not only an insult to this outlet of creativity but also at times a waste of space. With modular wardrobes you have the opportunity to design this space exactly how you envision it and utilize it, in whatever shape, layout or style that best suits your requirements. In the end, bespoke furniture reflects the user’s personality as much as it complements the space in which it is situated.

* Cost effective:
The cost involved in building a modular design is one hundred percent controlled by the customer, as it depends on exactly what design and material they choose. At Metrika, it is our priority to work within our client’s budget, while offering them bespoke designs that guarantee the highest functionality and style.

In a nutshell, a customized design built according to your exact needs is far more likely to serve you better for a longer period of time. Since your modular wardrobe is tailored to your exact needs, it becomes an asset to your lifestyle, instead of a rabbit hole where hours are spent in frustration every morning.