Best Colour Schemes for your Modular Kitchen

Colours are very important. Colours define you, your personality and your choices. Colours play a very pivotal role in reflecting your imagination into reality. Well, you have to also consider various aspects like the area – small or big, light – sufficient or inadequate, spaciousness, utility, etc


Here are some of themes and colour schemes best suited for your modular kitchen.


1.Light and white shades give that elegant look

Light and white shades make your kitchen look elegant, peaceful and cool. Soft shades like white, cream, lavender, yellow, baby pink etc give you a very neat and tidy appeal. Some planters, crockery and small display with matching shades will make your kitchen look more inspiring.

  1. Select yellow and orange shades for a stylish look

Yellow and orange shades are very beautiful. They give the most appealing look to your kitchen. Your kitchen will stand out looking very stylish, modern, and impressive.


  1. Use wooden or dark shades for the cabinets

You can use the wooden or dark shades for your cabinets like walnut, charcoal, mahogany, teak, etc. Your Kitchen will stand out with the proper combination of light and dark colour scheme.


  1. The wall shades should be white or pastel

Go for the white or light pastel shades for your walls as that will make your entire kitchen look bigger and brighter. The white and light cream shades will make your wall look clean and Do not opt for dark colour as that will make the kitchen look smaller.


  1. Countertop Design

The Kitchen countertops are usually dark, so you should select granite extended countertops with some clean and smooth finish.  Light countertops are not preferred for they will catch the stains and oil marks easily. The arrangement has to be in accordance with your requirement and utilisation. Do not cramp up your countertops. Keep them cluster free to achieve that neat and tidy look.