Bedroom Essentials – Comfort and cozy

Very true….. what we are talking about is bedroom essentials…. not the furniture, not the décor…. Your bedroom has to be cosy and give comfort to you.


Let us start with the bed. The mattress you choose has to be comfortable and solid. Pillows have to be soft or solid based on your choice, it has to give you a peaceful sleep. Many good quality mattresses and pillows are readily available. Decorate your bed and pillows with lovely bed sheets and pillow covers to enhance the good feel factor.


Do not clutter your bedroom. Just give away the unessential things. Do not store as it will lead to a disorganized and unpleasant room. Please do not go for extra furniture or decorations. Rather keep your bedroom light and organised, making it a pleasant inviting place.


All you need in your bedroom is a comfortable and spacious bed, a dresser with mirror, lovely curtains, a nightstand, a painting, closed wardrobes and closed storage to take care of your necessities.


Your room has to be perfectly lit up. Take into consideration that every corner of the room is well lit up with proper lighting and fixtures. You can also have small lights behind your curtains to give the warm look.


A beautiful chandelier will also enhance the visual of your room. It is very essential to have dimmers in order to change the mood and aura of your room. To further create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you can enhance and enrich your room with scented candles, fresh flowers and air purifiers.


Paint your room carefully…If your purpose is to make a relaxing room, go for neutral and pastel colours, ideally contrasted with thin layers of brown or black.


Use wooden flooring for warmth and natural feel under your feet. Place a relaxing chair or recliner.

Keep it clean and storage has to be invisible.