Battling The Living Room Clutter

The living room serves as the central space of your home. Whether it’s cozy or large, informal or fancy, the one pet peeve most home owners have is organizing this communal space and keeping it tidy. Considering its very nature, i.e. a space where the family comes together to put up their feet and layback, it can be challenging to enforce strict rules and tidy lines. A comfortable mess is sometimes the most we can hope for. But an efficient tool while battling the never-ending living room clutter is double duty furniture.

Double duty furniture pieces serve more than one purpose and can often be arranged to serve as required. These are especially integral to smaller spaces, as they do more while taking up considerably lesser floor space. Most modular furniture serves as great examples of this concept as they are essentially designed to optimize utility and space, for example- the modular sofa. This piece of furniture can serve as the centerpiece of the living room, encompassing plenty of storage space and even extending into a bed to allow for guests sleeping over. However, not all the pieces have to be as large as the sofa to provide utility. Clever little furnishings like the classic puffed ottoman or even a side table can do wonders if utilized correctly. These can be quick little stow-away hacks for those 5-minute cleanups just before the guests arrive. Another useful piece is a roll-up side table. Depending on where you want it, this could serve as a coffee table, storage tucked away under a desk or up against a wall, or even extended counter space in the kitchen!

Modular shelving units are also a great example of combining pull out drawers with open shelves to create an aesthetically appealing and useful vertical storage.  With proper planning, these can even be customized with a wall unit to fit in the television set, tying the living room space together. Our design engineers at Metrika can study your family’s individual requirements and help you chart a pan to optimally furnish your living room, bringing out the best from your space.