Ameliorate Your Kitchen Island

The myriad possibilities that a kitchen island offers, makes it a rather coveted resource in most homes. While the very existence of a kitchen island promises the holiest of grails, that is extra counter space, there is just so much more that you can do with this standalone unit. Depending on how you design it, a kitchen island can be transformed into your personal magical room of requirement that will make you wonder how you ever survived without it. Here are some clever tips from our team at Metrika to help you the make the most of the gift that is the kitchen island:

  • Tuck in seating

A kitchen island can just as easily pull double duty as a counter-top table by serving as a sleek replacement to an actual table. To maximize the space, you can customize the island to have a built in niche for the chairs that can be tucked away when not being used. This not only clears up more floor space but also serves as a great informal way to host dinners and interact with your guests while playing chef.


  • Unique Shelving

Customize your island by utilizing different parts of it for various purposes. Instead of a regular block shaped unit, plan for built in nooks, unique corner shelves, customized drawers and pull out cabinets that best suit your storage requirements. These small but transformative changes promise optimal utilization of space.


  • Establishing a centerpiece

A built in stove elevates the kitchen island, taking it beyond just storage and counter space. An island with a dedicated ‘cooking’ function promises to make cooking a more inclusive activity for the whole family, while providing plenty of space for food prep and appliances.

  • Segregate and separate

A kitchen island doesn’t just serve as extra space for cooking and dining. It can be an integral part of your work triangle by serving as a section dedicated to preparation and washing. This island can be a great space for an inset sink with an accompanying dishwasher. This could segregate your wet areas from the dry, while also packing a mean garbage disposal and prep station.