A Perfect Wardrobe

Your bedroom is incomplete without a perfect wardrobe. A wardrobe that justifies your needs, your style and your perspective.  Before choosing the right closet, one has to consider a lot of things in accordance to its style or design, utility, spaciousness, material and finally the price.

Once you have thought about your requirements you can decide from the following options and also customize further to your comfort.

– Full panel wardrobes are made wall to wall and they cover entire wall. They give a stunning look and give your abundant space to keep all your stuff in a well-organised manner. These wardrobes are structured with various drawers, shelves, hanging spaces, small drawers for accessories, lockers, etc. You can have a section wise design also like men, women and kids section and accordingly the wardrobe internal sections are built to your requirements. For example in hanging section we can give you different options for long and small sizes of clothes and say for drawers, we can give you big and small compartments designed to suit your needs. Apart from the internal arrangement, the exterior is planned in accordance with your bedroom tone and furniture.

– Then we have Sliding wardrobes which are extremely popular due to the space crunch which we usually face. These wardrobes are a great option for optimum utility in less space. Doors slide easily from one end to other and you save on space. They add sophistication and delicate look to your bedroom. Sliding wardrobes are very stylish, sleek in design and yet give you maximum space utilization. Again all your internal compartments and spaces can be exclusively designed to your comfort.

– Lastly we have walk-in wardrobes. These wardrobes need good amount of space and they give a lavish look to your bedroom. Such wardrobes can be designed with opening doors or sliding doors. Walk-in wardrobe are designed in continuation to your bathroom giving you great utility and saves your time.

The wardrobe is a integral part of your bedroom, yet it is so uniquely designed that it stands apart.

Metrika exclusively work on Wardrobe Design ideas with exclusive, customized, stylish & trendy designed Modular Wardrobes, with sufficient storage facility. Various sections are dedicated for all your essentials whether big or small, wide or narrow. We offer a wide range of exclusive Italian wardrobes in a variety of colours and finishes with special accessories to ensure easy access to your belongings. Brand Metrika has established themselves as a premium Sliding door Wardrobe Company in Mumbai, Pune and Ahmedabad. Our Trending Glass Shutters and Built in wardrobes provide you convenient, practical and elegant storage in the modern home.